January 20, 2015

Mock Caldecott Session

Today was the annual spring term Mock Caldecott panel session with Dr. Mary Rycik's EDEC 323 Tradebooks and Technology with Literature class. Students met in the IRC to review and evaluate picture books; titles selected for the panel session meet criteria established by the Association for Library Services for Children, American Library Association Medal committee.

Prior to the session (in class):Students were introduced to elements picture book art and illustration such as layout, design, form and function, balance, use of space, and the importance of art telling the story. Artistic media and style, as well as the parts of a picture book are discussed.

About the titles:Twenty-two picture books were considered; the selection included well known and award-winning illustrators as well as those new to picture book art. A variety of artistic mediums were represented such as collage, gauche, painted oils, pencil, watercolors, and mixed media.

Students narrowed the initial twenty-two titles to four and voted for their winner. The Mock Caldecott winner, the overwhelming choice for this panel session was:
  • Blizzard, by author and illustrator John Rocco

Honor book distinction was given to:

For additional information, visit the IRC web site Mock Caldecott Panels page, IRC Mock Caldecott Pinterest Board, or the EDEC 323 LibGuide.

All of the books considered for this session are now available on the second floor new book shelves directly outside of the Instructional Resource Center.