September 30, 2014

#IRCshelfie Tuesday

What's a shelfie? It is a photo of a book shelf - or shelves - most often taken with a smart phone and shared on social media. They may be taken in conjunction with selfies, for instance people sharing their book shelves in a selfie, but often the book shelf is shared solo. Following in the footsteps of the Twitter hash tag #shelfie, the IRC has been sharing #IRCshelfies on Twitter.

Each Tuesday, a new #IRCshelfie is posted sharing a shelf from a different IRC or library second floor collection. As of July 1st, fourteen #IRCshelfies have been shared via the @IRCaulibrary. Not on Twitter? No worries, you can follow the IRC shelfie collection on Pinterest. The following Wednesday, #IRCshelfie pictures are posted to the IRC Pinterest board #IRCshelfie @IRCaulibrary. Pins are dated and link back to the original tweet.

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