October 19, 2012

Update: Library Catalog

New catalog functions and displays are now fully operational. Records now feature a tabbed display providing users with information pertaining to individual collection items.

Item Status:  Location, Call number, and current availability (status)
The record displayed above features Lulu Walks the Dog, it's located in AU Juvenile, the call number is PZ7.V816 Luu 2012, and it is currently available.

More Details: Description, Edition, Summary, and ISBN
The record displayed above features a book 144 pages in length that is a first edition; a short summary is detailed, and both a ten and thirteen number ISBN presented.

Find Similar Items: Author information, subject headings, and alternate authors
Lulu Walks the Dog was written by Judith Viorst; subject headings include Cooperativeness - Juvenile fiction, Dogs - juvenile fiction, and Dog walking - juvenile fiction; the alternate author (illustrator) for this book is Lane Smith.

Full Record: All of the information available on the cataloged item.

Book Cover Image: More Information!
If there is a book cover displayed with the record, click on it to view more information about the item;  resources may include summary, excerpt, table of contents, cover image, and reviews.

Thank you for your continued patience as we work implement upgrades and improve the library catalog.

*This post was originally published on the AU Library News blog.