August 6, 2008

ERIC Unveils New Look: Expanded Coverage

The following information was posted to the EBSS List by Jane Atwell, Sr. Communications Specialist, ERIC Project.

We’re pleased to announce two recent advances in ERIC of interest to librarians and all ERIC users: the addition of more than 130 new comprehensively indexed journals, and release of a redesigned and enhanced Web site. Users can now search a richer collection of education-focused literature while taking advantage of improvements that speed information discovery on the public ERIC Web site. In addition, a newarea just for librarians includes useful information for patron support and collection maintenance.

New Journals in ERIC
As of June 30, 2008, ERIC has added more than 3,600 new records from newly acquired journals. Work is underway to increase coverage even further by seeking additional partnerships with publishers of both journal and non-journal literature. New journals are indexed from 2004 forward, exceptfor titles indexed prior to ERIC’s 2004 transition to an all-electronicservice. Once recent titles have been acquired and indexed, ERIC willacquire 2002-2003 electronic back issues of previously indexed titles toprevent gaps in journal coverage.

Redesigned Web Site
ERIC released a redesigned Web site on August 3. Highlights include:

  • A major restructuring features clearer, more intuitive paths to information, making the site easier to use.
  • A completely new and expanded Help section that includes brief tutorials, a glossary, and a searchable index.
  • Help tools have been integrated into the ERIC Web site. “How do I” links and help tips on key fields and features provide direct access to information that helps you take advantage of ERIC’s robust search tools and submit documents.
  • A new section, "For Librarians", consolidates information of interest to the library community into a single location. This area includes flyers, brochures, lists of ERIC microfiche, links to frequently used help topics, and other relevant information, including ways to provide feedback about ERIC.
  • Lighter visual design, so pages load faster and new graphics refresh the site while retaining ERIC’s look and feel.

For more information about ERIC’s new journals and the redesigned site (including a detailed list of what’s changed), see the rotating featuresarea on the home page of the ERIC Web site. - August 6, 2008

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