June 30, 2005

Juvenile Books: Disabilities

The following titles have been added to the juvenile collection. Additional selections on disabilities may be found using the Library of Congress, or LC, subject heading people with disabilities - juvenile fiction.

Specific disabilities, such as autism, deaf children, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, blindness, wheelchairs, sign language, and dyslexia may be located with catalog searches utilizing subject heading 'topic name' - juvenile fiction or 'topic name'- juvenile literature.

June 28, 2005

AU Circulating: Graphic Novels

The following graphic novels have been added to the AU circulating collection. While they are adult novels for young adults, instructors will need to make their own decision as to the appropriateness for classroom use.

These novels will initially be located on the new book shelf, library main floor, near the reference collection.

Juvenile Books: Graphic Novels

The following graphic novels have been added to the AU Library Juvenile collection. Follow the links to determine availability:

Graphic Novels

Graphic novels, often considered a genre of interest to reluctant readers, are benefiting from a resurgence in popularity. What is a graphic novel? Wikipedia defines graphic novel as a "term for a kind of book, usually telling an extended story with sequential art (i.e. comics)." As of May, 2005, the IRC collection of graphic novels includes both juvenile and young adult selections.

Interested in learning more about the genre of graphic novels?

June 27, 2005

AU Circulating: Education

The following title has been added to the circulating collection:

New books are initially shelved in the 'new book' display bookshelf on the main floor near the reference area.

Kits: Puppets and Book Kits

The following kits were added to the IRC collection this week. A complete numerical listing of kits may be identified in the catalog by title or using other call number and entering the word 'kit.'

The following book kits, each containing six soft copies and one hard back of the title, were added to the collection. A complete numerical listing of book kits may be identified in the catalog by title or using other call number and entering the word 'bookkit.'

Most book kits include a label on the folder indicating suggested reading levels by grade level, stage, F & P (Fountas and Pinnell), and DRA (Directed Reading Assessment). An explanation of book bag levels is included within the folder.

June 10, 2005

The New IRC Collection Blog

Welcome to the Instructional Resource Center Collection Blog! Beginning with the fall 2005 academic school year, this blog will replace the yearly book lists published on the IRC web page. Items, both circulating and reference, will be entered as they are cataloged and available for use. Each entry will have an accompanying heading, specific to the genre. Please note that anyone with a specific book request will continued to be personally notified via email when the books arrive.

IRC Collection:
  • Curriculum Textbooks
  • Activity Books
  • Materials Kits
  • Audio Books
  • Educational Software
  • Reference
  • Posters and Maps
  • Book Kits

Education Collection:

  • Juvenile
  • Library of Congress "L"
  • General Education Purchases

Book lists from the 2004-2005 Academic year will be posted on the IRC web site as soon as they are available. Additionally, previous years will continue to be archived.