November 20, 2008

Library Notices Go Green!

AU Library is joining the campus-wide effort to conserve resources and Go Green. Beginning December 1, the Library will send notices by e-mail only.

Here are four ways to keep track of what you have checked out of the Library:
  1. Look for the due date stamped on each item you have checked out. If you renew an item, write the new due date on your date due slip.
  2. Check your AU e-mail account for library notices. If you rely primarily on a different e-mail account, set your AU account to forward messages automatically.
  3. Check your library record online! On the library web site choose “My Library Account” from Quick Links.
  4. Call or visit the library and ask us to check your account. We are always happy to assist you renewing items and determining when they are due.
Knowing when materials are due is your responsibility. Thanks for helping us Go Green.