October 23, 2008

New Ellison machine and dies

A new assortment of Ellison dies, and one more prestige pro machine, arrived in the IRC yesterday. Included within this order:
  • Barn, chicken, cow, lamb, & pig
  • Bald eagle, flag, Statue of Liberty, USA (word), & USA outline
  • Snowman, snowflake, & mitten
  • Pumpkin, turkey, heart, rabbit, & Christmas tree
  • Set of caption (balloon) boxes
  • Words: great, super, wow, welcome & thanks
  • Sign language: okay, I love you & thumbs up
  • Butterfly
  • Maple leaf
  • Dog
Interested in using the Ellison machines and die collection? It costs a penny a cut for each cut if you use our paper. Bring your own paper and use of the Ellison machine is free.